Play Preview


The Play Preview is a short 4-minute power point presentation that gives you an overview of what RoaRrrr is all about. It features one of the play's more popular songs: "I don't want to be a beast." Enjoy!!

Video of a Scene


Click to see a 3-minute video of song "You are my biggest best friend".


 Click to see video of song "We are who we are"



Click to see video of song "Something Weird about that Beast"

Introducing the Play

Welcome to the official website of ROARrrr; home to one of the most exciting new children’s musicals to come along in some time. ROARrrr-Ole Two-Feet’s Great Discovery, tells how the courage of Maureen, a little village girl helps to bring the divided worlds of beasts and villagers together. Through the process she helps the king beast, Ole Two-Feet learn a very important lesson while discovering who he really is. It is a sensitive and powerful story; what Madison’s Capital Times Newspaper calls, “musical theater with a message”. Not only is the play about reaching out to others, embracing differences, and accepting those who are not like us-- it's also about feeling comfortable with who we are and not wishing we were someone else. It's a message relevant to both kids and adults. ROARrrr will be featured in a national documentary- DREAM THE FILM,that will be released during the fall of 2008. In September 2007 three scenes from ROARrrr were filmed in Madison Wisconsin’s Overture Center for the Arts. You can view footage from those scenes on this website. You can see for yourself why many are predicting that this play is destined for greatness. This website is intended to not only familiarize you with ROARrrr but to solicit your support in helping us stage the WORLD PREMIERE this year. 2008 is ROARrrr’s kick-off year and with your help we'll be able to support local actors and stage a full production in September.


Although this play is dedicated to children everywhere with the hope that they will find a way someday to live together in peace, it is especially dedicated to the playwright's grandson Kemet and "goddaughter" Maureen, two kids Chuck and his wife Camilla have babysat and known since birth. One is black, one is white; one is urban, one is rural; one is a boy, the other a girl-they both are our future!


Coming Soon...

We will soon be offering merchandise from the play that you can purchase. You will also be able to download your favorite song from ROARrrr and get a signed copy of the cast photo. Every purchase will support local actors and African American Theater. Please be sure to visit this site regularly.

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